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Account Information FAQs

How do I know if I am fully covered by deposit insurance?

The FDIC has a feature called "Ask EDIE" that allows you to input your account information. EDIE then reports what is covered as long as the information you input is accurate. National Exchange Bank & Trust staff members may give you their best understanding of, but cannot guarantee, coverage. If you have questions, it is best to contact the FDIC directly.

How can I access my accounts from home?

There are two easy ways to obtain information on your accounts:

  1. Exchange Line is a telephone banking product that allows you to receive account information after entering your account number and your Exchange Line personal identification number (PIN). Call 1-800-707-BANK (2265), and the automated voice will guide you through your call.
  2. Exchange OnLine is another convenient option. You may view account information, transfer funds, view and pay your bills, and more when you enroll in this service. Once you have a User ID and Password, you may also access your information via your mobile device.

What is the National Exchange Bank & Trust routing number?

The routing number for National Exchange Bank & Trust is 075900766. You may also find the nine-digit routing number in the lower left-hand corner of your check, right before your account number and in the footer of our website.

What is overdraft protection? How can I set it up?

There are a variety of overdraft programs available to you, which vary in fees and process. Please visit our Personal Checking page.

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