Business eRecords

Electronic Record Storage

Can you imagine eliminating the stacks of checks you have in storage? That is exactly what we can provide you by scanning your items and storing them either on a CD or securely online.

Each month you may download the checks online or have a CD with compatible software delivered including a front-and-back image of the month’s cleared checks. Let us handle the organization of long-term storage for your financial records including paid checks, statements and deposited items.


  • Central management of financial documentation.
  • Research abilities.
  • Easy access to provide proof of payment.
  • Security.


Consolidation of account information in a central location

  • Include one or all deposit accounts.
  • Complete statement detail.
  • Front and rear image of checks.
  • Deposits and items deposited details.

Extensive research abilities

  • Transaction based research based on a specific or range of account number, date, serial number, amount and type of transaction.
  • Customizable reports.
  • Data mining abilities.

Easy access and compatibility

  • No special software/hardware purchases needed.
  • All needed technology is self-contained on the CD with no software loads required.
  • Option to download information to your company network from a secure web site.


  • Each CD may be customized with a unique password for secure access.
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