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Office Closing Q & A

Common Questions & Answers

National Exchange Bank & Trust (NEBAT) must continually evaluate the viability of its branches and balance financial performance with adverse effects that closing may have on its employees and on the communities we serve. The decision to close the Hancock, West Bend Washington and Cambria offices is the result of the completion of a thorough branch sustainability analysis including the evaluation of traffic and transactions, past performance and predicted future performance, customer mapping and proximity to other NEBAT locations, among other factors.

NEBAT completed a thorough sustainability analysis and based on the proximity of other NEBAT locations, along with availability of services, the decision was made to close the Hancock, West Bend Washington and Cambria locations. All products and services the customers already have will continue to be available through other locations, as well as through our Mobile and Online services. We continue to have a strong footprint throughout Southeastern Wisconsin making it convenient for customers to access our products and services. Our business is relationship based, and we feel the current locations allow us to continue to maintain relationships with our customers while providing convenient access to banking services.

We anticipate closing the respective offices on Friday, September 28, 2018.

At this time, we will be adjusting the hours at Allenton; however, there are not any other immediate hour changes. Office hours are continually evaluated for the best customer service in the most efficient manner.

Letters and emails will be sent to impacted customers no later than 90 days prior to closing. Posters will be displayed at impacted locations at least 30 days prior to closing. Additionally, some individual business and customer calls will be placed by Bank management, as deemed appropriate. We will also post information on our Website.

We have no plans to eliminate employees. NEBAT has been conscious of maintaining efficiently staffed locations; therefore, we anticipate minimal employee impact; however, roles and locations will look different for employees within the market of the offices closing. It is our goal to place people in positions where they can be successful.

During this analysis process, we reviewed the entire office network. We have no intention of closing additional offices at this time. Existing bank locations are complementary and cover a breadth of markets. As always, we will continue to review the best overall strategy for the Bank in the coming years.

Yes. We have communicated with the OCC and are following the notification protocol to all parties in
alignment with the Federal Deposit Insurance Act and other regulatory guidance.

After the closures, National Exchange Bank will have 30 other conveniently located offices. A complete
listing may be found on locations page of Letters to impacted customers also outlined the nearest
neighboring offices to each location being closed.

No. Please continue to use your current checks until they are gone.

No. Your account numbers will not change.

No. All National Exchange Bank & Trust offices have the same routing number.

No. National Exchange Bank & Trust does not have specialized account pricing or terms based on geographic location or assigned office.

Loan customers will continue with the same terms.

CD customers will continue with the same terms.

No. National Exchange Bank’s routing and transit number is used for automatic transactions. Your routing
and transit number will not change.

You may call the staff at your local office.

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