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Safe Deposit Box

Keeping your personal belongings and valuable information safe has never been more important, and at National Exchange Bank & Trust, it is simple with a safe deposit box. Boxes are available at select National Exchange Bank & Trust locations in a variety of sizes. Please contact a local office for availability.

What is the Purpose of a Safe Deposit Box?

It is a place to store important items that would be difficult to replace. It offers privacy and security because you are the only person who knows the contents. Safe deposit boxes are more secure than your home.

What Should I Store in my Safe Deposit Box?

  • Personal belongings that are difficult or impossible to replace.
  • Some items to consider: important documents and family records; original mortgages or other contracts; stocks, bonds and certificates; computer back-up files, etc.
  • Rare items such as jewels, collectibles or irreplaceable photographs.
  • Confidential or valuable documents.

What Should I NOT Store?

Anything you may need in an emergency. Keep copies of important documents with you or your attorney and keep originals in your safe deposit box.

Can I Grant Someone Else Access for Emergencies?

Yes, if you jointly lease the box. You may not simply give someone your key to grant access.

Is my Safe Deposit Box Protected from Natural Disasters or Theft?

There is no 100% guarantee against damage or theft, but unlike home safes, safe deposit boxes cannot be carried out by thieves. Safe Deposit Boxes are not fireproof, waterproof or bombproof.

Who will insure my safe deposit box against damage or theft?

Homeowner’s or tenant’s insurance may cover your safe deposit box against damage or theft. Talk to your insurance provider for more information. Safe Deposit Boxes are NOT covered under FDIC insurance nor insured by the bank for damages.

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