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National Exchange Bank & Trust offers a variety of services to help you control your finances, but one tool in particular gives you a chance to do it all in one place. Personal Finance is our digital, money management tool that is integrated into Exchange OnLine and our mobile app. This tool allows you to take control of your finances, create a budget, track your expenses and simplify your life!

Account Aggregation

Our Personal Finance tool allows you to add different accounts from other financial institutions to get a complete picture of your total finances. From over 10,000 financial institutions to choose from, Personal Finance integrates various bank accounts so that you can see a snapshot of your transactions from ALL of your accounts in one place.

Create A Budget

In addition to account aggregation, Personal Finance tailors a budget to fit your lifestyle! You can visualize and interact with your budgets in a more impactful way by using Personal Finance’s “bubbles”, which represent your budgets and allow you to quickly identify your budgets that may need a little extra attention.

Track Your Expenses

Wouldn’t you love to see where your money is actually going? Well, now you can! Personal Finance gives powerful insights and data on where, when and how you spend your money and it also automatically categorizes and tracks your spendings from ALL of your accounts. With helpful graphs and charts to physically show you what your spending habits are, you can get the full picture of where your dollars are going.

Control Your Money…Don’t Let It Control You

Personal Finance’s variety of offerings are extremely helpful in integrating your accounts, helping you create and track budgets, see where you’re spending your money and so much more! If you’re interested in getting a better grasp on your personal finances with this helpful, money management tool, start using Personal Finance today inside Exchange OnLine. And, as always, if you have any questions please contact us – we are happy to help.
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