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Round Up to Savings

Reaching your savings goals has never been easier!  With Round Up to Savings, every time you use your NEBAT CheckCard you add to your savings in increments and thresholds that you determine!

It's as easy as...

Register & LoginSaving in a Piggy Bank

Grab your CheckCard and follow the link below.

Returning to check on your savings?  Follow the link and login.


Need an Account?

Want to save, but need to open a new savings or checking account?

Online Account Opening

Exchange OnLine users can also login to quickly add an account to their current relationship with National Exchange Bank!

Round Up FAQs

What are the available Round Up increments and are there limits?

You have the options of allowing round ups to dollar increments up to $10.  For example: 

  • Round up to next dollar:  $4.50 transaction generates a $.50 round up transaction  
  • Round up to the next $5:  $4.50 transaction still generates a $.50 round up transaction due to meet the $5 increment; $5.50 transaction would create a $4.50 round up transaction
  • Round up to the next $2:  $5 transaction will generate a $1 round up transaction to meet the next $2 increment; $6 transaction will NOT round up as the transaction is already a $2 increment

You can also setup a weekly or monthly limit or no limit at all.  For example: 

  • You can set a weekly limit to $20 and a round up limit of $1. So, for every transaction it will be rounded up to the nearest $1 until you reach the weekly limit of $20.  If on Wednesday you have already rounded up to $19.80 and the next transaction is for $13.50 it will only round up the remaining $.20.  No further transactions will get rounded up for the remainder of the week.

What do alerts look like and how can I identify Round Up transactions?

You may initially see a Round Up transaction appear as if it is from the merchant where the original transaction has taken place via card alerts or SecurLOCK Equip.

The words “Round Up” will appear in the transaction description both in your online transaction history and your statement for credits and debits occurring within the program.

What if a savings account is not connected to my checking account or CheckCard?

If you have a National Exchange Bank & Trust Savings account, the Round Up portal will allow you to choose that account to Round Up to. If you need to open a NEBAT Savings, visit our Online Account Opening page.

Can I Round Up with more than one NEBAT CheckCard?

A separate Round Up to Savings online account needs to be set up for each CheckCard, using a unique email address.

What happens to my Round Up when my NEBAT CheckCard is replaced?

If your CheckCard is replaced with a new card number, please contact your local office and ask to work with a Personal Banker to get your Round Up changed. Only one CheckCard can be associated with one email address.

How do I change or cancel my Round Up?

Login to the Round Up site with the credentials you established when you created your Round Up or within Exchange OnLine to modify or cancel your Round Up.

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