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Positive Pay

Reduce the potential of fraud with an integrated browser-based application that verifies the checks and ACH transactions clearing your business account are authorized. Discrepancies between your records and items clearing your account are easy to identify and address in a secure environment.


Positive pay module — checks

  • Easy upload of your issued check file in either a delimited or fixed length file to a secure website.
  • File format flexibility for compatibility with customer A/P software.
  • Exceptions reviewed for a pay or no-pay decision with simple verification of payee through check imaging.

Negative pay module — checks

  • All clearing items viewable on secure website.
  • No-pay decisions are marked as all items are defaulted for payment.

ACH debit block (ACH Positive Pay)

  • Unauthorized transactions are blocked before the funds clear the account.

Extensive reporting capabilities

Security Top of Mind

With full administration set up by the business, creation and control of User IDs and passwords ensures your controls are current and changes can be made instantly.

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