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Municipal Banking & Loans

National Exchange Bank & Trust has proudly served Southeastern Wisconsin communities since 1933. We offer municipal bank accounts and loans designed specifically to serve your town, village, city, or municipal district, including competitive investment options. Our experienced bankers will be happy to identify the right solution to support your community’s financial needs.

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Public Funds Checking

Take advantage of special account features and benefits only offered to public entities:

  • Discounted services.
  • Interest option available.
  • Electronic banking.
  • Multi-level security access with unique User IDs.
  • Numerous authorization levels, including multiple approvals, available.

Municipal Loans

We provide municipal lending for your town, village, city or municipal district projects — big to small — and offer quick, local lending decisions with low issuance costs compared to traditional public funding. Work directly with decision makers who have experience in municipal financing throughout the state. Our local government loans can provide funds for:

  • Equipment.
  • Road projects.
  • Building projects.
  • Sanitary districts.
  • School districts.
  • Debt refinancing/restructuring

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Municipal Loan be Used for an Equipment Purchase?

Municipal loans can be used for a wide variety of purposes and equipment is certainly one.  We have provided many municipalities with loans for vehicles, fire trucks, and other equipment needs.

It is also important to note that municipal lending applies to not only cities, towns and villages, but specialized municipal units such as school districts, fire departments, water and sewer districts, and lake districts.  We have worked with all of these types of entities.

What Are Your Municipal Lending Requirements?

All municipal lending is subject to Wisconsin Statutory guidelines, as well as proper approval by the municipality.  Our municipal loans are typically done on a General Obligation (GO) basis meaning they are covered by the taxing authority of the municipality.  In all cases, we have an attorney review and approve the borrowing process and loan documentation to insure the Bank and the municipality are protected.  There is really no formal application process.  In our initial discussion with the municipality, we will outline the specific information needed as well as the process and probable time line.

What Are the Typical Terms of Municipal Loans?

Municipal loan terms will vary depending on the purpose of the loan.  Typically our loans are 5-10 years in length, but amortizations can go as long as 20 years depending on the project.  We work with each municipality and can be flexible to make sure the repayment terms fit their cash flow needs.

What Does Your Municipal Lending Process Look Like?

As each municipal loan is unique, we prefer to meet with the borrower and discuss the project and process upfront.  Often, we attend board meetings to make sure that everyone understands and is comfortable with the process and loan.  Typically, we can offer the municipality a commitment within a day or two of our initial discussion.

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