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Business Card Services

Business Credit and Debit Cards

With National Exchange Bank & Trust’s business card services, your business purchases can be completed with security and ease. Whether you choose a Business CheckCard to leverage the power of Visa® to access your checking account or a Business Visa® Credit Card for your purchases, you are earning great rewards for your business.

Business CheckCard

For business customers looking for easy access to their business checking account, the Business Visa® CheckCard is a convenient solution.

Use your Business CheckCard like a regular credit card. Simply run the card for payment like you would for a credit card, and keep a copy of the receipt with your business records to compare with your monthly checking account statement.


  • Expanded geographic reach of checking account:
    • Accepted everywhere that Visa is accepted.
  • Rewards on your purchases:
    • ScoreCard® Rewards program offers a wide variety of product and gift card offerings including monthly special offers.
    • Link points by company or allow for individual cardholder redemption.
  • Provides efficiencies for your business:
    • Save on check printing costs.
    • Card limits control expenses.
    • Eliminate advance check request requisition forms from remote locations.
  • May be used for deposits at a NEBAT eBanker or cash withdrawals at an ATM.
    • Businesses can limit their CardCard not allow cash withdrawals or deposits as well.
  • Does not display card balances for confidentiality and security.

Business Credit Card

Looking for a bank credit card for business? Our business credit cards make managing your employees’ expenses easy, whether you prefer online or paper reporting of your company’s credit spending.

Each card gives you the ability to generate detailed monthly and annual reports and can also be coded for specific types of purchases or declines. Billing occurs through the corporate account number, and a corporate statement can be either a summary (total) of each cardholder’s purchases or a detailed listing of every purchase. Many additional services are available.

Business Credit Cards are automatically enrolled in our ScoreCard® Rewards Program. ScoreCard® provides added value to you without added cost and is highly flexible to meet your needs.


  • Detailed spending reports.
  • Centralized and consolidated billing.
  • Convenient payment options.


  • Easy online access:
    • View recent transactions and previous statements.
    • Review spending by cardholder.
    • Pay your bill with the click of a mouse.
    • Save and archive statements.
  • Rewards on your purchases:
    • The ScoreCard® Rewards program offers flexibility in redeeming points including travel options.
    • Wide variety of product offerings including monthly special offers.
  • Corporate management of card features:
    • Customize SIC codes for allowed purchases.
    • Set individual card limits.
    • Billed through main corporate umbrella.

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View our competitive rates  VISA® Commercial Credit Card Program Overview

Pre-Paid Card Solutions

A creative alternative to traditional credit purchasing.  Leading market technology to support remote expense management. Great alternative for business expenses, vendor payments, petty cash, travel per-diem, or to extend credit to contract workers. Virtual AP solutions streamlines vendor payments.

Payroll Card

Prepaid Pay Cards enable employers to reduce a long list of expenses and risk associated with issuing traditional payroll checks...all without changing current payroll processes.

  • Instant issue cards are kept at the employer’s location to issue to new employees on their first day who do not have a traditional bank account.
  • Through the Prepaid Platform, personalized cards are then automatically created and shipped to the employee after the third payroll load is made against the account.

Reward/Incentive Card

Prepaid Reward cards provide a better way to deliver rewards for a myriad of applications and program types enabling issuers to create their own reward currency that delivers choice and flexibility to their recipients. Includes single and reloadable card options.

Prepaid Incentive Cards provide manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and employers with a persistent reward currency for paying incentive earnings with a single load card that can be branded by the company.

Per Diem

Per Diem is a way to deliver pre-set expense/disbursement amounts for common living/travel expenses.

Disbursement Card

Remove costly checks with business-to-business or business-to-consumer disbursements. Enhanced efficiencies, less cost and instant funding to make payments.  Payments can include insurance claims and other one-time payments.

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Compromised, Lost or Stolen Cards

To report a compromised, lost or stolen card during normal business hours:

  • Please call the bank at 1-877-921-7700.

To report a compromised, lost or stolen card after normal business hours:

  • CheckCards: 1-800-236-2442.
  • Credit Cards: 1-800-221-5920.

Replace Your Business CheckCard at an Instant Issue Location

Some National Exchange Bank & Trust locations are able to replace CheckCards in the office with our Instant Issue card printers. Find a location near you, just look for the Instant Issue icon in our list of locations.


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