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Gift Cards

Enjoy the convenience of a pre-paid gift card for all of your occasions that need a gift.

The card is accepted at places that accept Visa®. Plus, the card may be used for online and phone purchases. Cards may be purchased at a value from $10 to $1000.

If it is lost or stolen, it may be replaced for a nominal fee.

Contact your nearest location to learn more.

Gift Card Helpful Hints

  • The gift card recipient should register the card online with the recipient’s name and address for ease in making purchases online or over the phone. It is also an added security tool should someone attempt to make an unauthorized purchase using the card online or over the telephone.
  • When filling up with gas, the gift card works best when used inside the store. Pre-authorization policies may impact whether the card works at the pump.
  • When using the gift card at a dining establishment, your card is often pre-authorized for the amount of the bill plus 20% to cover any potential tip. This could also cause a rejection issue if this is over the balance on the card. If you choose to use the card at a restaurant, please let the waitress know you will be tipping in cash, and they may be able to force the transaction through.
  • The card is not approved for international use.
  • A non-use fee will be charged to the card after 12 consecutive months of non-use.
  • Cards are not able to give out cash at ATMs.
  • Cards are not reloadable.
  • Please thoroughly review the information provided with the card for more details.
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