CheckCard or ATM Card

Visa® CheckCard

  • This card allows you to use your checking account to pay for items without writing a check.
  • Looks like a credit card, but deducts the amount from your checking account.
  • Why use the CheckCard?
    • Save on check printing costs by writing fewer checks.
    • Increase your checking account range. It's accepted worldwide - everywhere a Visa® card is accepted.
    • It's easy to carry. The CheckCard is small - the size of a credit card and can easily slip into a purse, wallet or pocket.
    • Earn points with qualifying purchases that lead to great rewards.
    • Use your CheckCard as an ATM card also.

ScoreCard® Rewards

Quickly swipe your Visa CheckCard and sign for your purchase instead of writing out a check or using your PIN to earn points towards rewards. Redeem points for rewards such as gift cards, brand name merchandise, travel and more. Everyday purchases such as groceries, dining out and filling up your gas tank can accumulate points when using your CheckCard and signing for the purchase.

For more information, visit our Card Rewards page.

ATM Cards

Adding this card to your checking account allows you to withdraw cash, transfer funds, make deposits, check account balances, make purchases and more. Visit one of our convenient ATM locations today, or withdraw from one of the thousands of locations that display the PULSE PAY logo.


Frequently Asked Questions
Default Card Limits

Lost or Stolen Card - CheckCards or ATM Cards

To report a lost or stolen card during normal business hours

Please call the bank at 1-877-921-7700

To report a lost or stolen card after normal business hours

Please call 1-800-236-2442


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