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Specialty Loans

Not Every Loan Fits in a Box.

Specialty loans are as unique as the person borrowing and are designed to help someone that has specific financial needs. This is why National Exchange Bank & Trust provides special purpose lending solutions tailored to meet diverse needs and situations. Our distinctive independent bank position means your lending needs don't have to fit in a predetermined template.


Our Specialty Loan Options Can Help With Financial Needs Regarding:

  • Equipment
  • Real estate
  • Working capital
  • Government programs
  • Rural development
  • IRBs
  • Turn-around situations
  • Acquisitions
  • Personal investments

Specialty Lending Expertise

Our team of Specialty Loan Lenders have the knowledge base and decades of experience to provide customized financing solutions that align with your unique requirements. When you need a loan as special as your circumstances, our team of lenders are prepared to help. Contact one of our lenders today to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do specialty loans differ from traditional loans?

Our seasoned lenders take the time to get to know your business and its unique needs and goals. In doing so, our lenders can provide flexible, personalized loan terms to best fit your company’s structure and operations.

What types of situations do specialty loans cover?

Specialty loans provide financing to businesses for a wide range of purposes when customization is required to best fit the organization's needs and goals. They are designed to be more flexible than traditional working capital lines of credit, term loans or loans backed by the SBA. These loans are a great fit for owner-managed family-held businesses, like the unique businesses that you will find in a typical historic downtown– think of these specialty loans as “main street” lending.

Can I use a specialty loan for business purposes?

As an independent bank with big bank abilities, our local decision makers use specialty loans to meet the unique needs of your business. These loans work great for small to medium size businesses with a need in our communities such as manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and service companies. 

What are your commercial real estate loan requirements?

Each business loan is customized to the borrower so there are no cookie-cutter requirements. The most common items needs for a commercial real estate loan are a down payment, financial records, personal guaranty from the borrower, and any other items needed to complete the loan application process.

How do you get a business loan for equipment?

Each business loan is customized to the borrower so there are no cookie-cutter requirements. The most common items needs for a commercial equipment loan are a down payment, financial records, documentation of the equipment being purchased, and any other items needed to complete the loan application process.

How do you get a commercial real estate loan?

The first steps to prepare your business loan application are to collect all of your financial records. This commonly includes tax returns for the last two years, a personal financial statement, and current business statements for existing businesses. It’s also helpful to prepare your business plan and/or a summary of how the loan funds will be used along with your availability to provide a down payment. Your lender at NEBAT will be able to provide you with a detailed list of all the documentation and information you’ll need to gather to get your business loan application started.

Downtown Fond du Lac Loan Program

National Exchange Bank & Trust is pleased to offer a loan program designed to encourage investment in Downtown Fond du Lac properties by providing property owners and lessees with funds needed to increase or sustain employment levels, conduct additional residential or commercial development and increase occupancy in Downtown Fond du Lac.

Loan terms will generally be within a three-to-five-year range with a 20-year amortization, to be determined by project purpose, use of funds and collateral.

Applicants should be prepared to demonstrate the benefit of the project to the community, show repayment ability, and provide a personal and business financial statement at the initial meeting.

To schedule an appointment, please contact Dean Vollmer at 920-906-6813 or Dan Hintze at 920-924-2205.

Downtown Fond du Lac Loan Program

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