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Financial Education Resources for Adults

Buying a House

Learn About Loan Preapprovals

Susie is thinking about buying a house. Follow along as she talks to a lender and gets preapproved!

Paying for Your Child's Education

Steve & Jane Start Out

Steve and Jane just had a baby girl, Susie. They are still working on paying off Steve’s higher education and want to ensure they have a plan set up for when Susie goes to college.


Whether budgeting for a dream, a vacation or something else, our Personal Finance tool can help you stay on track!

Watch the videos below for some great budgeting tips. Then, use the Personal Finance tool in Exchange OnLine or the mobile app to set your own.

Personal Finance Page

Budget for a Goal

Steve and Jane recently retired and want to follow their dream of traveling in an RV! Follow along as they learn how to fit those expenses into their budget so that they can achieve their goal.

Budget for a Vacation

Budgeting for a vacation entails rearranging a budget and finding which costs can be reduced to have the extra money in the budget! Follow along as Jimmy analyzing his budget so that he can go to Hong Kong!

Credit Cards

Building Credit

Jimmy didn’t want to have debt, so he never used a credit card. Now, he is trying to take out a loan and has no credit. Follow along to learn how to best build credit!

Links to Resources

Credit Card Debt

Steve and Jane are planning to go on a cruise when they retire! Jane gets excited and starts to shop online a little too much. Follow along as Steve and Jane talk about managing their credit card debt to retire sooner.


Susie's Career

Susie just landed her first job and has the option of enrolling in a 401(k). She is just starting her career and feels she may be able to wait to save until later in life. After weighing the pros and cons, she changes her mind!

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