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Types of Accounts

Banks offer savings and checking accounts in addition to many others. After learning the basics, you can learn which account is best for you!

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Choosing a Checking Account

Is It Difficult to Open an Account?

Opening an account has become easier than ever! Learn how to open an account in person or you can open an account online.


Open an Account

Making a Deposit

After depositing your money, the amount is added to your account balance before it is mixed in with all the other cash deposited that day. Some money is reserved, but the bank uses money from depositors to lend to borrowers!

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Applying for a Loan

After you fill out a loan application, the bank will review important information to decide if you are a good risk. After reviewing the information, the bank will approve or deny the loan. Learn more about the process in the video below!

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Additional Readings

Additional readings for topics of saving, spending and decision making can be found anytime on our Facebook page or via the button below!

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