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Users have access to a truly unique, easy-to-use experience unlike any other card management solution offered today with CardWallet.

CardWallet is a real-time mobile spending wallet for iPhone and Android devices that allows you to quickly and conveniently stay connected to your finances, check balances, receive alerts, locate branches and ATMs and stay in control with on/off card alerts. Android users can easily pay with the wallet using their smartphone. Simply download the app from the iOS App Store or Google Play, agree to the terms of CardWallet, load your National Exchange Bank & Trust credit and debit cards and go! It’s easy, safe and secure.

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CardWallet FAQs

What mobile devices does CardWallet support?

iOS 7.1 and above

Android 4.0 and above

CardWallet can be used on Samsung, Google, Motorola, or other models if they meet the Android mobile operating system requirement.

Will CardWallet work on my iPod, iPad or Tablet?

CardWallet is optimized for phone-sized devices. This means that while it does run on tablets, the ideal experience is through a smartphone using the Android or iOS mobile operating systems.

What should I do if the verification code does not work?

The verification codes sent by email are only valid for 30 minutes. If the cardholder is outside of the 30 minutes, they must resend the verification code via the app.

Where can I find help for the app?

For login and other issues, call the number listed in the app’s ‘Help’ menu. The number is (844) 23-1517

Using the in-app tutorials, located in the ‘Help’ menu, provide assistance when you need it.

How do I manage my account information?

  1. Go to 'Settings'
  2. Choose 'User Profile'
  3. You can now edit your password, email address and mobile phone number

What are 'Account Alerts'?

'Account Alert' are notifications CardWallet sends you regarding activity on your card to help you stay in control of your finances and keep your account safe from overdrafts and fraud. You can choose to receive alerts via text, e-mail, or push alerts on your digital device.

Where can I manage my alerts?

You can manage your alerts, including how you want to receive your alerts, within your settings on your digital phone or in the 'Alerts' feature in the application.

Can a joint card be added to two different user accounts?

Yes, a single card can be added to multiple user accounts.

Alert preferences are synced to the cloud but are unique based off of the primary account number (PAN) and User ID. Different User IDs with the same PAN will maintain different alert preferences.

How do I make a payment?

On iOS, CardWallet supports Apple Pay. You need to add your card in Apple Pay.

On all other devices, open CardWallet and navigate to the card you wish to use and select the '…' sign button. An action menu will appear for you to act on the card you selected. Actions may vary for different cards.

Why can I not pay with my iPhone?

CardWallet supports Apple Pay. You must add your card in Apple Pay and use that application for payments. However, all the other great features of CardWallet can still be used on iPhone.

What is Pay In-Store?

Pay In-Store is the mobile payment service that allows you to tap your phone to pay with the cards you’ve added to CardWallet. Pay In-Store works with merchants who accept NFC/contactless payments in their store. Look for the Contactless payment symbol on the cashier's payment terminals, or ask the cashier if they accept NFC/contactless payments.

What is Quick Access?

Quick Access is a feature that allows you to use pay in store (Android) and view card balances without having to sign into CardWallet. To use Quick Access, double-tap the logo on the login screen. It will require a fingerprint or passcode.

What is Pay In-Store on Quick Access?

Pay In-Store on Quick Access allows you to pay quickly without having to sign in. On Android devices, select the card you want to pay with and enter your passcode to pay.

On Android devices, how do I set CardWallet as the default payment app?

  1. Go to Android's 'Settings'
  2. Tap 'NFC' and 'Payment'
  3. Select 'Tap and Pay'
  4. Select 'CardWallet' as the default payment app

What is Pay In-Store’s 'Always On' feature for Android users?

'Always On' is also known as Tap and Pay. If you’re comfortable paying with your mobile device and want the quickest way to pay, then 'Always On' will enable you to pay without opening the app or signing in. However, you will still need to verify the transaction before the payment is processed. If you share your mobile device with others, consider that they are also able to pay without opening CardWallet if you choose to enable 'Always On.'

How do I use 'Always On'?

Turn on ‘Always On’ in the Pay In-Store settings in Android.

  • Default Card – In 'Always On', you won’t need to open CardWallet and won’t have to select a card to pay. Therefore, choosing a default card beforehand is necessary. In 'Settings', select a default card out of the cards you have added to CardWallet.
  • Set CardWallet as your default Tap & Pay app. Your device will ask you if you want to set CardWallet as your default Tap & Pay app. Select “Yes” to pay in the 'Always On' mode.
  • Device unlock method. If you choose to pay with 'Always On', you’ll need to unlock your phone. After you’ve unlocked your phone and made a payment, the app will know it is you since you could unlock the device.

Why did CardWallet report an error?

On occasion, you may see one of the below errors:

  • Service Unavailable error (or web service error) – it is recommended that you try again later. Occasionally, changes must be made to the platform that requires a temporary halt in service.
  • Network Unavailable error – it is recommended that you try again later, as you may be out of your cellular network provider’s coverage range.
  • System Unavailable error – it is recommended that you try again later. Network timeouts can be caused by several factors, such as high usage of the wireless traffic carrier or poor signal strength.

What if I am locked out of my account?

For your security, your account may be locked because of too many failed password attempts. If your account becomes locked, wait 60 minutes to try again or request a password reset. Customer Support cannot reset passwords during this 60-minute period.

What if the code for ‘Forgot Password’ does not work?

The password reset verification code is only valid for 30 minutes. If you attempt to use the link after 30 minutes, you will receive an error message. You will need to resubmit the password reset request to receive a new password reset email.

Password reset requests are limited to four times within 24-hour period.

What if I lose my mobile device?

CardWallet will automatically log out of the session after three minutes of inactivity. If your password remains secure, then it will also protect you from fraudulent use of the application. SMS notifications sent by CardWallet are a one-way communication to the user and will never contain personally identifiable information.

As a precautionary action, you may want to report the loss of your device to your mobile network operator and update your existing CardWallet account credentials on a replacement device.

Are there fees to using CardWallet?

There are no fees from National Exchange Bank & Trust. Depending on your mobile plan, you may incur data or SMS fees from your mobile carrier.

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