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Preferred Pre-Approval

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get pre-approved for a loan?

Start our online loan application and check pre-approval when prompted! You can also specify your lender within the online application. If you don't already have a NEBAT lender, one will reach out to you upon submission.

You can also contact a local lender to meet face-to-face to fill out the application together!

What is the benefit of being pre-approved?

Being pre-approved shows your real estate professional or builder that you are serious about moving forward and have already spoken with your financial institution about taking the proper steps in the home purchasing process.

The pre-approval letter will give indication that your credit has been reviewed, as well as your employment for income purposes and assets, to ensure that you can afford the home you would like to look at.

Why should I get a Preferred Pre-Approval?

The Preferred Pre-Approval provides confidence to the seller as you have already been fully qualified by a certified bank underwriter, with only needing appraisal and title in many cases to close. This makes a Preferred Pre-Approval the next best thing to a cash offer.

The overall process will be sped up considerably, as many steps in the process of closing are completed. In this highly competitive purchase market, we are giving you a leg up on the majority of other home buyers, to make your dreams a reality!


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