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Exchange Line Features

Deposit account information

  • Balances (available, accessible, current).
  • Last 30 withdrawals (in increments of 10).
  • Last 30 deposits (in increments of 10).
  • Inquire about a specific check.
  • Interest-earned information.
  • Personal Line of Credit balance.

Loan account information

  • Current loan balance.
  • Loan maturity date.
  • Total interest paid this year.
  • Date last payment was made.
  • Other payment information.

Transfer Capability

Make transferring funds between your accounts easy. Fill out an application today to transfer funds between depository accounts or to make loan payments over the phone. The transfer feature of this product is available only after application for this product or with activation of Exchange OnLine.

ATM and Visa CheckCard Functions

With one phone call, change your PIN on your ATM or debit card.

Security Features

  • Personalized passwords — The system requires users to change their Exchange Line personal identification number (PIN) the first time they call to ensure maximum security. Users should follow the voice activated instructions when prompted and be sure to hit the pound key (#) when their PIN has been entered.
  • PIN rejection —- If a user enters an incorrect Exchange Line PIN more than three times, they will no longer be able to access information.
  • Account specific PINs — Each account will require an Exchange Line PIN change at the first call. Users can choose the same number or a different number for each account.
  • Limitations — Users may not select a PIN that has repetitive digits (i.e. 1111), sequential digits (i.e. 1234), reverse sequential digits (i.e. 4321) or equals the last four digits of the primary account holder's Social Security number or Tax ID number.

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