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Tokens - Multi-Factor Authentication

Protecting your company’s information must be considered part of a strategy to reduce risk exposure. To help you protect your bank account information, National Exchange Bank & Trust invested in “Token Authentication” for Business Electronic Banking customers.

RSA SecurID® two-factor authentication is a combination of something you know (a password or PIN) and something you have (an authenticator), providing a much more reliable level of user authentication than static passwords. SecurID authentication offers a unique solution that automatically changes the user’s password every 30 seconds.

To complete an ACH or wire transaction under the new system, users simply combine:

  • Their secret password (something they alone know).
  • The token codes generated by the authenticator, a convenient hardware device small enough to attach as a keychain (something they have).

The result is a unique, one-time-use passcode that is used to positively identify or authenticate the user. If the code is validated by the RSA SecurID® system, the user is granted access to the feature. If it is not recognized, the user is denied access.

RSA SecurID® authentication is built upon the Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm, a recognized standard that is continuously scrutinized and challenged by cryptologists around the world.

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