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Loan FAQs

Questions Asked About Loans

How do I figure out what my payments will be on a loan?

Your payments will vary depending on the rate you are offered based on your current credit score. Once you know the rate, you can plug it into our convenient loan calculator, along with the amount of time you will take to pay back the loan. This will estimate the monthly payment for you.

Is there a pre-payment penalty on home mortgage loans?

National Exchange Bank & Trust does not have a pre-payment penalty on its home mortgage loans. The customer may pre-pay any additional amount, any time and in any given year without penalty.

Can I be pre-qualified for a mortgage loan?

Yes. National Exchange Bank & Trust will pre-qualify a customer at no charge. The lender will advise you of the amount you could qualify for pending a verification of your pre-qualification application. You may use our online loan application to obtain pre-approval.

Are mortgage rates for National Exchange Bank & Trust posted on the Internet?

Click here to view our current mortgage rates, or call any office of National Exchange Bank & Trust to inquire on our current mortgage rates.

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