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Online Banking Services FAQs

Common Questions about Consumer eBanking

What accounts can I view in Exchange OnLine?

You can view any account, including personal checking, savings, credit cards, loans and certificate of deposits. As soon as you sign on, you will see a list of your personal accounts.

What happens if I forget my password?

Exchange OnLine has a “forgotten password” feature. If you ever forget a password, click the “Forgot your password?” link under the password entry box after entering your User ID or "Forgot Password" on the home page of the mobile app. YOU MUST USE FORGOTTEN PASSWORD BEFORE YOU ARE LOCKED OUT. You may change your password at any time within the Settings menu. If the forgotten password feature fails, simply call your local office during normal business hours for a password reset.

Why isn't the temporary password working when I try to access my account using my mobile device?

Temporary passwords will not work on the Mobile App. Please visit the full Exchange OnLine site where you will be prompted to change the temporary password.

How far back can I see my transactions?

You may view activity as far back as 550 days. New Exchange OnLine users will be able to view activity only from the time they sign up for the product.

How can I save transactions?

You have the option to download your activity and save it in a variety of formats. Select “All” > "Transactions" > "Download." Choose "All accounts" or the account you want to download, set the date range for the transactions you want to download, choose the format to download in and click "Download transactions."

What is the difference between my Current Balance and my Available Balance?

Your Current Balance is your most up-to-date balance. It includes any electronic transactions currently pending for the day. Your Available Balance is your Current Balance minus any holds. You may click on the amount of your Available Balance for an itemization of how it is being calculated from your starting balance and for your "Accessible Balance" that includes your Personal Line of Credit if applicable.

How do I notify the bank that my email address has changed?

When you are logged into Exchange OnLine, either click on your email address on the Accounts Page or choose "More" > "Customer Service" and then choose "Contact Information" in the menu drop-down.

Where can I find interest information?

In Exchange OnLine, choose Activity from the top menu. Choose the account you want from the "Change Account" button near the top. Click Account Information below the Account Name; a pop-up window will appear and display interest information at the bottom. Both year-to-date and prior year information is available.

Why am I seeing my closed account in eBanking?

Accounts will show in eBanking in a closed status until they go through our historical purge process. You can choose to hide (or show) accounts based on your preference within the Account area of the Customer Service menu.

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