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BeB Online Statement FAQ's

Commonly Asked BeB Questions

Will I continue to receive my printed statement in the mail if I sign up for online statements?

No, when you sign up for online statements you will no longer receive paper statements in the mail effective with your next statement date.

What accounts are available via online statement?

Online statements are currently available via Business Electronic Banking for loan, checking, savings, money market and certificate of deposit accounts.

Why can I not choose "online" for my loan account statement delivery?

If one of the following applies to you, the bank needs to make a few adjustments in order for you to view your information in Business Electronic Banking:

  1. Your loan is currently being paid as an automatic payment out of your account.
  2. You originally received a coupon book.
  3. You are receiving a summary of your loan balance information combined with your other deposit account statement.

Please contact your local office or send a message via the Business Electronic Banking message center so we may adjust your account settings here at the bank. We will notify you when our system has been updated and you may enroll in the service via Business Electronic Banking.

Is there a cost associated with receiving online statements?

No, online statements are FREE to National Exchange Bank & Trust customers.

Is special software required to view my online statements?

Only a PDF reader is needed to view your statement.

How do I make my loan payment when I only receive an online statement?

The payment coupon on the bottom of your online statement should not be sent in. The easiest way to make your payments is in Business Electronic Banking, via the Loan Payment function. You may set up an automatic recurring payment or to do the payment manually each month. If you do not see the Loan Payment option, please call us at 1-877-495-6989 or email to add the feature to your Business Electronic Banking profile.


What should I do if I am unable to download my online statement?

First, verify that you have the latest version of Acrobat Reader. Second, confirm that you have configured your browser to allow pop-ups from the Business Electronic Banking site. If you have confirmed that both of these issues are addressed and you are still not able to view your online statements, please call us at 1-877-495-6989 or email

How do I allow pop-ups from Business Electronic Banking?

Please consult your browser's help area or visit Microsoft's Website to learn how to change your pop-up settings.

Why am I not able to view my most recent past statement after I have consented?

Due to varying statement dates, new customers to our Business Electronic Banking may not immediately have a past statement available. In these cases, you will be notified as soon as a new statement is available for your viewing.

I can only see the first page of my statement. How do I scroll to the remaining pages?

On the top of your online statement viewer, you will find the page navigation area. You may either directly enter the page to which you would like to move in the white box or navigate through the pages using the arrow keys.

I do not see all of my online statements in BeB. Where are the previous statements?

After choosing Statements and Documents, click the "Search for older or specific documents" link above where the current statements are listed. Select the date range for the statements, and click search.

What should I do if I do not receive my online statements notification?

If you have not received an email notification that your statement is available to view online, the email address on file may not be current. Please go to the Administration tab in Business Electronic Banking and choose “Manage Contact Preferences” to check your email address and update it if necessary. Your current email address on file is also indicated on your Manage Alerts page.

If your email address is correct and you are still not receiving your online statement notification, call us at 1-877-495-6989 or email

How do I change the email address to which my online statement notifications are sent?

You may modify the email address we have on file within the Personal Preferences screen found in the Administration tab under Manage Contact Preferences

What if I sign up for online statements and then decide I would like to receive paper statements again?

You may withdraw your consent to receive National Exchange Bank & Trust online statements and disclosures electronically via these steps.

  1. Click on the Reports tab.
  2. Click on Statements and Documents.
  3. At the top of Statements and Documents – Search Statements and Documents, click on View and Maintain Document Preferences.
  4. Choose "Paper" from the drop-down menu and click Continue.
  5. On the Statements and Documents - Verify Preferences page, click on Save preferences.

Withdrawal of consent requires that you receive your statements and disclosures via the US Postal Service. If you change an account's statement delivery method from "Online" to "Paper," you will lose access to any statements previously delivered online. You may want to save your online statements before making this change.

Who has the authority to enroll in and discontinue online statements?

Company administrators have the ability to enroll the company’s accounts into online statements as well as discontinue the service (returning delivery to paper). Subusers (those without Administrative capabilities) have the ability to access online statements once (1) an administrator has enrolled in the service and (2) an administrator has entitled the user to the service and related account(s). Subusers will lose access when (1) an administrator removes access for the user or (2) an administrator removes the company from the service.

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