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Expedited Payment FAQ

Questions Asked About Expedited Payments

What does “Expedited Payments” allow me to do?

With the Expedited Payments feature, you can make a last minute payment to anyone, using funds available in your account at the time you send the payment, anywhere in the continental United States and faster than ever before. And since Expedited Payments is part of National Exchange Bank & Trust’s Online Banking product Exchange OnLine, you can enjoy the convenience of paying all of your bills in one location.

What types of Expedited Payments are available?

Our Expedited Payment feature provides you two options to make your payments.

Overnight checks. These checks can be delivered to almost any payee the next day. In addition, when you confirm this payment, you will receive a FedEx tracking number that you can use to verify the receipt of your payment.

Electronic payment. This option is available for any payee to which we currently send electronic payments. When you setup your expedited payment, the system will display the payment options that are available for you for the specific payee.

Is there a fee associated with an Expedited Payment?

Yes, there is a nominal convenience fee associated with an expedited payment. The convenience fee is deducted from the funding account from which the payment was made, as a separate transaction.

Can I edit or cancel an Expedited Payment after it has been submitted?

Once you set up an Expedited Payment, you will not be able to edit or cancel it for any reason. 

Can I place a stop payment on an Expedited Check Payment?

Yes. If the Expedited Check has not been cashed, a stop payment can be placed.

Why do I need to enter or edit an address for Overnight Check Payments when I do not have to for regular payments?

The address that is used for regular payments is stored in the system. You are asked to enter or edit the payment mailing address that is provided with the bill. Sometimes billers indicate a special address to use for payments delivered via an overnight service. If the address is a P.O. Box, you will need to contact the payee to identify an address to use for payments received via FedEx.

Are there any payments I cannot issue?

Yes. Overnight Checks are limited to the contiguous 48 states. You may not use bill payment services to (a) pay taxes or make other payments to governmental agencies, or (b) make payments to payees outside the United States or U.S. territory.

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