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As the utility of smartphones continues to grow, the more we will use them for confidential and sensitive information. Statics show that 43% of consumers with mobile phones and a bank account use mobile banking. Knowing the trend and how likely you are to follow suite, what will you do to protect your payment methods, bank accounts and other confidential information on your smartphone?

You may use your phone for home security, or even to secure your debit card through SecurLOCK Equip, but is your phone secure? The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has developed a tool for consumers to follow: 10 customized steps to secure their mobile device. Common themes you will read about in this article and other “best practices” include: setting a lock code, use a recovery app to find lost or stolen devices and keep your phones apps and software up-to-date. Your carrier may even offer additional protection or offer services to help you locate or even wipe your device remotely.

National Exchange Bank & Trust prides its self on being your community bank with big bank abilities. When new banking products are offered, such as the mobile app or SecurLock Equip, security is always a top priority. The bank’s online banking products use the latest in financial security. When you are asked to provide additional information to confirm your identity, the security features in place are hard at work protecting your accounts. Part of the bank’s commitment to security is customer education. Please take time to secure your mobile devices using the suggestions and links provided above.

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