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It’s back-to-school time and the U.S. CERT (Computer Emergency Readiness Team) has sent out a reminder with helpful links on Cyber Safety for Students. As we prepare for a change in season and routine, here are some tips to help keep your children safe online:

  • Be involved and talk to your kids about how they use technology and the internet safely.
  • Keep computers and electronics in an area you can easily monitor
  • Set rules and implement parental controls
  • Monitor your child’s online and social media activity and accounts

In addition to these tips and students’ safety on a tablet or computer, you may also want to consider their use of smartphones. Many middle school students and younger now have their own cell phone. The FBI put together a list of 10 tips for child cell phone safety:

  1. Setting should be default to locked
  2. Parents know every password
  3. Parents check accounts and cell use
  4. Make sure your child uses appropriate screen names
  5. Check privacy and security settings on a regular basis
  6. Turn off geotracking for photos
  7. Do not respond to unknown senders
  8. Talk about potential dangers
  9. Talk about appropriate language and photos
  10. Teach children to use the highest privacy settings and not accept requests from someone they don’t know.

Teaching Digital Citizenship may also be a new part of your school’s curriculum. There are a number of resources for teachers to add cyber safety to their lesson plans. Helping your children form good habits for safe online use may help them avoid online fraud in the future.

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