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When you think of the holidays, what comes to mind? For some they think of togetherness, nice meals and joy. For others, the thought of gift-giving is stressful, especially when it comes to finances. Budgeting for the holidays will help to alleviate some of this stress so you can relax and enjoy the season. Different savings strategies work for different individuals, so NEBAT has put together a few tips for managing money stress during the holidays. Implementing these now will make your holidays much more enjoyable.

Personal Finance

Personal Finance is a great way to understand what you spend money on and adjust accordingly to help you budget for the holidays. Using this tool, you can aggregate all your accounts from NEBAT and other institutions to get a complete picture of your finances. Then, set yourself a budget and track your progress along the way. Every little bit counts; you’ve got this!

Explore Personal Finance

Personal Line of Credit

A personal line of credit is a spending safety net if your holiday shopping spree gets the best of you. Subject to credit approval, when your account falls below $0, money will automatically be transferred in $100 increments from your Personal Line of Credit into your checking account, up to your pre-approved amount. This helps you have a little more peace of mind when last-minute expenses arise.

Learn About a Personal Line of Credit

ODP (Overdraft Privilege) for Debit Cards

If a Personal Line of Credit is not for you, banking with NEBAT gives qualified accountholders the benefit of opting into card access for Overdraft Privilege. Avoid the embarrassment of having your purchase denied in the checkout line and enjoy the convenience of getting your holiday shopping done.

Opt-In to Card Access for ODP 


The sooner you start budgeting for the holidays, the sooner you can enjoy your gift-giving. Once you have used our tips to enjoy your holiday season, consider your options for saving for next year. A holiday savings account may be a good addition to your budgeting strategy to begin saving for a stress-free holiday in 2022.

Start a Holiday Savings Account



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