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As we approach cold and flu season in Wisconsin while still fighting a worldwide pandemic, it’s essential to have the proper home setup for contact-free, day-to-day activities – including banking. If you have the right internet security for banking at home and your computer or mobile device is easily accessible, then you can securely bank from the comfort of your home.

Internet Security for Banking at Home

Before you begin moving funds and paying your bills, you’ll want to be sure that your home Wi-Fi is secure for banking online. The first order of business is ensuring that your Wi-Fi network is private – meaning that only people who have the correct password can use it. If your network is public, then you should get in touch with your internet company to update your network settings. Once you’ve established a private network connection, it’s time to find a hidden, safe spot to store your usernames and passwords. Saving this information in an insecure place on your computer or mobile device may allow hackers to access these important credentials easily. For more information on internet security for banking from home, visit the National Cyber Security Alliance’s website to learn how to stay safe online.

Advantages of Banking from Home

Doing your banking online from the safety of your home means more than just wearing sweatpants to organize your finances. It means you can use your computer, tablet or mobile device to:

  • Easily pay your bills and trusted family and friends.
  • Transfer money to another account with ease.
  • View all your accounts and transactions in one place.

Online Banking Tools by NEBAT

Now, it’s time to start banking! At National Exchange Bank & Trust, we offer a variety of tools and resources within Exchange OnLine to help customers safely bank online from the comfort of their home. These include:

  • Personal Finance. This digital money management tool allows you to create budgets, track your expenses and take control of your finances.
  • People Pay. This feature gives you the freedom and safety to send money securely to friends or family through the mobile app.
  • Paperless statements. eStatements give you peace of mind in knowing that your old paper and bank statements aren’t scattered throughout the house.
  • Bill Payment. Consolidate payment of all your bills in one easy-to-use location.

With these, and so much more, you can trust National Exchange Bank & Trust to be your safe online banking partner as we all navigate these new norms.

Bank from Home with NEBAT

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