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The end of the year is a time when many of us begin to think about our New Year’s resolutions, such as saving enough money for a down payment on a house or paying down debt. Regardless of what your personal financial goals are for the new year, NEBAT has the money management tool to help you achieve them. Personal Finance empowers you to easily take control of your finances.

Get a Complete Picture of Your Finances

Simplify your life by viewing all your finances in one place. To provide an accurate picture of your finances, the Accounts feature enables you to add accounts from other financial institutions you have a relationship with. Accounts can be organized by type, such as checking accounts or credit card accounts and provides a total balance for that category. Learn more by viewing the tutorial video.

Budget with Ease

Budgets can help you set realistic spending limits and avoid exceeding them. The Budget tool allows you to auto-generate budgets based on your two-month spending average, or you can manually set your own budgets.

A summary of the health and impact of all your budgets is displayed through a visual diagram, allowing you to quickly see if your spending is on track or where your attention is needed most. Best of all the display is interactive to easily navigate account details and transactions. This tool can help you manage your money better and bring you closer to reaching your personal financial goals. See how Budgets work by viewing the tutorial video.

Track Your Financial Goals

Financial goals require planning, and the Goals module can help you plan with confidence. Once your goals are created and your contributions are set, a simplistic chart will clearly show your progress towards achieving each goal. Goals will help you estimate how long it will take to reach your financial targets and guide you to stay on track. View the tutorial to learn more.


Discover the other features our Personal Finance tool offers to help you achieve your financial goals for the new year.

Start Planning

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