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Sending money online is becoming a more popular way to pay your trusted friends and family. Many look to various apps as a means of easily and quickly sending money to friends and family. When sending money using an app or website, it is important to be cautious to protect your money, your identity and the recipient’s information. The more you know about how to safely send money online, the better off you’ll be!

Is it safe to send money online?

Yes! In fact, mobile payment utilizes layers of security, sometimes even fingerprint or facial recognition depending on the app you are using.

Sending money online is much safer now than it has ever been in the past. Banking services, such as People Pay, are backed by systems to keep your money safe. Although there are several reputable options, one of the most important things to remember is personally knowing and trusting the person to whom you are sending money.

How to Does Mobile Payment Work?

Mobile payment solutions use encryption to translate data that can’t be understood if bad actors are involved. Encrypting bank account numbers, passwords and other data keeps it safe from hackers. During a transaction, the mobile payment app decrypts the data so your card or account can be used, then re-encrypts back onto the payment service server. Mobile payment apps also do not directly store data, meaning it can’t be stolen.

How to Safely Send Money Online

  1. Never provide personal information or credit card numbers to individuals whom you do not know, and always be sure you personally know the person you are sending money to.
  2. Double check you entered the correct email address or phone number of the recipient.
  3. Use secure solutions offered by your bank, such as People Pay in Exchange OnLine and the mobile app.
  4. Use a secure and unique password with any app that uses your credit card or bank account numbers.

People Pay is a Secure Way to Send Money Online

People Pay is a feature within the National Exchange Bank online banking platform. It can be utilized in the mobile app or in Exchange OnLine. This tool offers you a fast, safe and secure way to send money to your trusted family and friends - even if they don’t bank with NEBAT! All you’ll need is their email address or mobile phone number. After sending money, the recipient will receive a notification on how to claim it.

Enroll in People Pay through Exchange OnLine today!  Once you are enrolled, People Pay will also be activated in the mobile app.


People Pay


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