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Same Day ACH Payments are here. As of September 15, the U.S. payment system just got faster!

What is an ACH Payment?

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House; an ACH Payment is an electronic payment made through the ACH network. Transactions made directly to or from your checking account are made via the ACH network, such as your paycheck through Direct Deposit or when you auto pay your energy bill with your checking account.

What does Same Day ACH mean for me?
Remember back in the day when people wrote checks to make payments and you didn’t see the debit or credit to your account for days? Well things have changed, and although transactions made via check are still a viable form of payment, you may be offered the opportunity to use Same Day ACH payments.

If you authorize an electronic payment the business or merchant should include a statement regarding the timing of the payment. If you have pre-authorized an electronic payment there most likely will not be a change to the timing of those transactions. As always, manage your accounts to have sufficient funds to cover every payment you have authorized.

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