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What to Know About Personal Financial Planning Services

Financial planning is a vital part of ensuring a successful financial future, and it’s recommended to begin your financial planning journey as soon as possible. At National Exchange Bank & Trust, we offer a variety of financial planning services to help our customers manage their money, stay organized, and reach their financial goals. Our financial advisors suggest setting up an in-person meeting so everyone can get to know each other and feel comfortable. The help of a financial advisor to develop a realistic and successful approach to your financial plan and to provide money management advice can be the best thing you never knew you needed.

Why Your Finances are Important to Us

For more than 30 years, National Exchange Bank & Trust has united our financial knowledge and your personal goals to organize a comprehensive plan that is customized to your lifestyle. Financial planning can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in. Knowing our customers by first name, what their needs and goals are, and educating them to maximize their financial success drives our financial management philosophy. No matter the question or concern, our financial advisors are people you can rely on for your financial coaching and growth.

What to Expect on Your Personal Financial Planning Journey

When meeting with our financial advisors for the first time, we ask our customers to complete a risk assessment. This risk assessment guides the advisor to ask questions that are specific to your emotions revolving finances. Together we collaborate to decide what kind of risk you are ready to take. At NEBAT we look forward to getting to know you outside of your finances as well. By listening to each customer, our financial advisors dig deeper into the future desires and needs of each customer are and how to achieve them.

After that first meeting, our financial services team schedules annual or semi-annual reviews to stay up to date with household finances, financial goals, and financial future successes. We operate on a transparent, fee-based plan, meaning the cost of your financial portfolio is based on the asset amount invested. You receive complete portfolio performance maintenance, guidance for all your financial questions, and relationships that are long lasting.

For those of you looking towards that day you are able to retire, or have ever asked yourself, “Do I have enough money to invest?”, “How can I start building my financial portfolio?”, or “Am I going to have enough money to retire?”, we encourage you to sit down and meet with one of our experienced advisors. At National Exchange Bank & Trust, we want to work together and create a path to the financial success you desire.

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